dimanche 6 janvier 2013

Quick and easy BROWNIES 

Time you need to prepare it : 10 minutes
Time you need to bake it : 20 minutes

Ingredients you need:

  4 eggs 
 50 grams of flour
125 grams of sugar
200 grams of black chocolate
120 grams of butter

100 grams of Hazelnut 

Pre-heat the oven at 150C.

How to make it:

Mix the eggs with the sugar and the flour.
Melt the chocolate with the butter, then add it to the already mixed ingredients.
Mix them all together, and if you wish to, add the Hazelnut. (work it together again).
Get the cake mould of your choice (with baking paper in it) and pour the batter.

Bake it for 20 minutes at 150C.

You can serve it a la nature, or with english cream/custard (and raspberry coulis)

To make a raspberry coulis at home: 

100 grams of raspberry
100 grams of sugar
10 cl of water

You heat the water with the sugar to obtain a sirup, then you can this sirup to your raspberry. You mix them together, and separate the grain from the liquid.

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